What does BROTHER-IN-LAW mean?

BROTHER-IN-LAW meaning in Law Dictionary

partner's bro or a sister's husband. There is not any commitment, but only affinity, between brothers-in-law. Farmers' L. & T. Co. v. Iowa liquid Co. (C. C.) 80 Fed. 409. See State v. Foster, 112 La. 533, 30 Southern. 554.

BROTHER-IN-LAW meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300; in addition brother-in-law; see cousin. In Arabic, Urdu, Swahili, etc., brother-in-law, when dealt with to a male who is not a brother-in-law, is a serious insult, with implications of "I slept along with your sis."

BROTHER-IN-LAW meaning in General Dictionary

a brother by marriage

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  • The bro of the wife or husband; additionally, the husband of the sister; sometimes, the spouse of your spouse's sis.

BROTHER-IN-LAW meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The bro of your husband or wife; also, the husband of your respective sis; often, the husband of your partner's sibling.

Sentence Examples with the word BROTHER-IN-LAW

Campo, brother-in-law of the adelantado, who first stepped ashore.

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