What does BRING SUIT mean?

BRING SUIT meaning in Law Dictionary

To "bring" an action or match has a settled customary indicating at legislation, and refers to the initation of legal proceedings in a suit. A suit is "brought" at the time it's commenced. Ilames v. Judd (Com. PI.) 9 N. T. Supp. 743; Rawle v. Phelps, 20 Fed. Cas. 321; Goldenberg v. Murphy, 108 U. S. 162, 2 Sup. Ct. 388, 27 L. Ed. 6S6; Buecker v. Carr, 60 N. J. Eq. 300, 47 Atl. 34.

Sentence Examples with the word BRING SUIT

This of course impaired the obligation of a contract, but under the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution of the United States the bondholders could not bring suit against the state in the Federal courts.

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