What does BREVIATE mean?

BREVIATE meaning in General Dictionary

To abbreviate

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  • a quick compend an overview a brief declaration
  • a brief compend; an overview; a brief statement.
  • an attorney's brief.
  • To abbreviate.

BREVIATE meaning in Law Dictionary

quick; brief declaration, epitome, or abstract. A short statement of contents, accompanying a bill in parliament Holthouse.

BREVIATE meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A short compend; a synopsis; a short declaration.

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  • (letter.) A lawyer's quick.
  • (v. t.) To abbreviate.

Sentence Examples with the word BREVIATE

His Breviate of the Life of Mrs Margaret Baxter records the virtues of his wife, and reveals on the part of Baxter a tenderness of nature which might otherwise have been unknown.

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