What does BRETHREN mean?

BRETHREN meaning in General Dictionary

pl of Brother

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  • (plural) the lay members of a male religious order
  • pl. of Brother.
  • of Brother

BRETHREN meaning in Law Dictionary

This word, in a might, may include siblings, also brothers, of the individual indicated; it's not always limited to the masculine sex. Terry v. Brunson, 1 Rich. Eq. (S. C.) 78.

BRETHREN meaning in Etymology Dictionary

alternative plural of bro (q.v.); predominant c.1200-1600s, but enduring today just in religious use.

BRETHREN meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) pl. of Brother.

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  • (pl. ) of Brother

Sentence Examples with the word BRETHREN

The Order was at variance within itself; some of the houses of the brethren refused to obey the marshal, and the grand master quarrelled with the German master.

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