What does BREAKING mean?

BREAKING meaning in General Dictionary

The act of breaking something

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  • p pr amp vb letter of break v i
  • the work of breaking some thing
  • of Break

BREAKING meaning in Law Dictionary

Forcibly splitting, parting, disintegrating, or piercing any solid substance. Inside law regarding housebreaking and burglary, this means the tearing away or elimination of any part of a home or associated with the hair, latches, or other fastenings meant to secure it, or otherwise exerting power to achieve an entrance, with the intention to devote a felony; or violently or forcibly breaking out-of a residence, after having unlawfully registered It, inside attempt to escape. Gaddie v. Com., 117 Ky. 40S, 78 S. W. 163, 111 Am. St. Rep. 259; Sims v. State, 136 Ind. 358, 36 N. E. 278; Melton v. State, 24 Tex. App. 287, 6 S. W. 303; Mathews v. State, 36 Tex. 675; Carter v. State, 68 Ala. 98; State v. Newbegin, 25 myself. 503; McCourt v. folks, 64 N. Y. 5S5. In legislation of burglary, "useful" busting, as distinguished from actual, forcible breaking, might be classified beneath the after minds: (1) Entries gotten by threats; (2) whenever, in result of physical violence done or threatened to obtain entry, the owner, with a view more effectually to repel it, starts the doorway and sallies away and felon goes into; (3) when entrance is acquired by procuring the solution of some intermediate individual, eg a servant, to remove the fastening; (4) whenever some means of law is fraudulently resorted to for the purpose of acquiring an entrance; (5) whenever some technique is resorted to to induce the owner to remove the fastenings and open up the door. State v. Henry, 31 N. C. 46S; Clarke v. Com., 25 Grat. (Va.) 912; Ducher v. State. 18 Ohio, 317; Johnston v. Com.. 85 Pa. 64, 27 Am. Rep. 622; Nicholls v. State, 68 Wis. 416, 32 N. W. 543, 60 Am. Rep. 870.

BREAKING meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Break

Sentence Examples with the word BREAKING

Now the restored Douglases were most powerful; by the 28th of January 1543 they imprisoned the cardinal, but their party was already breaking up. In March a full parliament was held, the Bible in English was allowed to circulate, and envoys were sent to treat with Henry.

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