What does BR 80 mean?

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1:Baureihe 80 a certain types of compact German steam powered shunting locomotives build when it comes to Reichsbahn.2:The type of same locomotive.Due to becoming inexpensive to make as a miniature this locomotive ended up being frequently showcased as a model train in beginner kits plus in the sort of model railway kits you'd frequently sell to kids around European countries, for this reason many grown up European enthusiasts usually had a BR 80 as the very first locomotive within their collection. And an equal quantity probably destroyed their attention in model railroad because of the sometimes rugged top-notch these designs and also the proven fact that they generally featured when you look at the many stingy prepared starter kits along with a couple of wagons, no switches and just with sufficient track to help make a boring loop.3:Being in an earlier and/or less glamorous stage of anything or having newbies gear.