What does BPE B.P.E. bpe mean?

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An acronym standing for stunning Pale Eyes. Generally utilized as a nickname for some one with beautiful pale blue eyes.BPE could also be used as a description for somebody. Most readily useful individual Ever for short.Any woman that qualifies as such.Girl Must meet with the following qualifications:Must be1. Intelligent2. Cute/Gorgeous3. A Fantastic Person4. Outstanding GirlfriendIf the thing is a B.P.E. in the road, you'd most useful chase this lady down, because if you miss your opportunity together you are going to be sorry. B.P.E.'s tend to make guys lives amazing, plus general, B.P.E.'s get attached with dogs too. "Beep Pong Extravanganza" Come prepared to drink, come ready to win, but most of all of the...prepare to obtain your balls damp!