What does BP DT DTF mean?

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An acronym that stands for Beer Pong, Down Town, Down To Fuck.A lifestyle originated by a group of visionary UTexas students in Austin, TX.Typical Thursday/Friday/Saturday Night:10 PM:Brethren congregate with copious quantities of beer to limit off the week and indulge in the play of good ol' Beer Pong, while noisy EDM/Dub action songs performs into the background. Girls frequently surround the BP table, laughing and cheering in the men.11.30 PM:After a few rounds of BP, the men get to a checkpoint because they begin thinking about leaving their premises going Downtown (6th Street).But before leaving, when you look at the spur of the moment, the males shotgun a beer while chanting "Why don't we get unusual" at the top of their lungs.MIDNIGHT:Arrive Downtown. Start with Jagerbombs. Then, go bar hopping to obtain truly hammered and after that get a hold of hot women that tend to be DTF.2 AMEat at Big Bite/Kerbey Lane Cafe, or get tasty trailer meals. Periodically, mess with/con individuals see their reactions.4 AMPass out with bros or sleep with a hoe. (Bro before hoe, unless hoe wants the bro)11 are - 1 PMEat Brunch because of the bros and rehash the events of yesternight for anyone whom experienced a blackout event.