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Burn and Pollute (verb) to seriously fuck up, "attempt" to repair your mistake and simultaneously try to find a scapegoat.(noun) quick for BP worldwide, Brit worldwide energy business known for spilling countless gallons of oil to the gulf coast of florida this season. The gulf coast of florida's worst opponent the latest term for DAMAGING every little thing. BP ended up being a sizable multi-national oil driller and refiner whoever future is uncertain since June of 2010. Many concepts abound as to why this international business was in a situation to release these types of wholesale devastation for the American Gulf coast area. Nothing is pointed out so far as towards the thought of payback.In 1773, the Boston Tea Party (no connection to the Teabaggers, who have representation if they get off their particular fat asses and go vote) set the phase the Revolutionary War. The colonists had been pissed which they must spend income tax into British Empire without the voting representation. Britain have been known permanently for occupying, taxing, pilaging and plundering regions and soverign nations as it saw fit. Under those stiff Brit top mouth they certainly were muttering one big "fuck you" towards rest of the globe. Slowly on the centuries, the when powerful kingdom withered away until just about all they were left with was cozy alcohol and Fergie.Oh yeah, they may be in addition pissed at us because we murdered John Lennon which sealed the fate on any possible Beatles reunion. British Polluters Bad techniques