What does BOUNTY mean?

BOUNTY meaning in Law Dictionary

gratuity, or a silly or extra benefit conferred upon, or payment paid to, a class of individuals. Iowa v. McFarland, 110 U. S. 471, 4 Sup. Ct. 210, 28 L. Ed. 108. A premium given or wanted to induce males to get to the public service. The definition of is relevant and then the repayment designed to the enlisted guy, while the inducement for his service, and not to a premium paid into guy through whose input, by whose procurement, the recruit is gotten and mustered. Abbe v. Allen, 39 IIow. Prac. (N. Y.) 4S8. It is really not very easy to discriminate between bounty, incentive, and extra. The previous could be the appropriate term, however, where solutions or action of many people are desired, and each which acts upon the provide may entitle himself towards the assured gratuity, without prejudice from or even the claims of others: while reward is much more proper in the case of just one service, that can be just once done, and so will undoubtedly be attained just because of the person or co-operative persons whom succeed while some fail. Hence, bounties could be offered to all who can get into the army or navy: to all or any who will take part in particular fisheries which federal government desire to encourage; to all or any just who kill dangerous beasts or noxious animals. A reward is offered for rescuing a person from a wreck or fire: for detecting and arresting an offender; for finding a lost chattel. Kirclier v. Murray, (C. C.) 54 Fed. 624; Ingram v. Colgan, 100 Cal. 113, .SS Pac. 315, 28 L R. A. 187, 46 Am. St. Rep. 221. Bonus, in comparison with bounty, shows the idea of a gratuity to cause a money exchange between individuals; a portion or present, upon that loan or transfer of home, or a surrender of the right. Abbott.

BOUNTY meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., "generosity," from Old French bonte "goodness" (12c., Modern French bont

BOUNTY meaning in General Dictionary

the property of copious abundance

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  • repayment or reward (especially from a government) for acts like catching crooks or killing predatory pets or enlisting into the army
  • generosity evidenced by a willingness to provide freely
  • a ship of this Uk navy; in 1789 area of the team mutinied against their particular leader William Bligh and set him afloat in an open ship
  • Goodness, kindness; virtue; worth.
  • Liberality in bestowing gift suggestions or favors; gracious or liberal providing; generosity; munificence.
  • whatever is given generously or liberally.
  • A premium supplied or given to cause guys to get in to the public-service; or even to motivate any branch of industry, as husbandry or manufactures.

BOUNTY meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Goodness, kindness; virtue; worth.

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  • (n.) Liberality in bestowing gift suggestions or favors; gracious or liberal offering; generosity; munificence.
  • (letter.) Whatever is provided generously or liberally.
  • (letter.) Reasonably limited provided or directed at induce guys to get in to the public service; or even motivate any branch of business, as husbandry or manufactures.

Sentence Examples with the word BOUNTY

The British delegates wrote that it appeared that there were at that time but two methods of securing the suppression of the bounty system - an arrangement for limitation of the French and Russian bounties acceptable to the other sugar-producing states, in return for the total abolition of their bounties; or, a convention between a certain number of these states, providing for the total suppression of their bounties, and for the prohibition of entry into their territory of bounty-fed sugars, or countervailing duties prohibiting importation.

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