What does BOULEVARD mean?

BOULEVARD meaning in Law Dictionary

the phrase "boulevard," which originally indicated a bulwark or rampart, and was afterwards applied to a public walk or road on the website of a demolished fortification, is currently utilized in similar sense as general public drive. A park is some floor adapted and set aside for reasons of ornament, workout, and enjoyment. It is not a street or roadway, though carriages may move across it. So a boulevard or community drive is adapted and set apart for functions of ornament, exercise, and entertainment. It's not technically a street, avenue, or highway, though a carriage-way on it is a chief feature. Folks v. Green, 52 How. Prac. (N. Y.) 445; Howe v. Lowell, 171 Mass. 575, 51 N. E. 530: Park Com'rs v. Farber, 171 111. 146, 49 N. E. 427.

BOULEVARD meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1769, from French boulevard (15c.), originally "top area of a military rampart," from a garbled attempt to adopt Middle Dutch bolwerc "wall of a fortification" (see bulwark) into French, which at that time lacked a -w- with its alphabet. The idea is of a promenade outlined atop demolished city walls, a means which may be a lot wider than metropolitan roads. Initially in English with mindful echoes of Paris; since 1929, in U.S., used of multi-lane limited-access metropolitan highways. Early French attempts to eat up the Dutch word include boloart, boulever, boloirque, bollvercq.

BOULEVARD meaning in General Dictionary

a wide road or thoroughfare

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  • initially, a bulwark or rampart of fortification or strengthened city.
  • A public stroll or road occupying your website of demolished fortifications. Hence: an extensive opportunity in or just around a city.

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BOULEVARD meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) initially, a bulwark or rampart of fortification or fortified city.

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  • (n.) A public stroll or street occupying your website of demolished fortifications. Therefore: a diverse avenue in or about a city.

Sentence Examples with the word BOULEVARD

The broad Paseo de Marti (Alameda de Versalles, Paseo de Santa Cristina) extends along the edge of the harbour, and is perhaps the handsomest parkway and boulevard in Cuba.

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