What does BOOKMAKER mean?

BOOKMAKER meaning in General Dictionary

person who writes and publishes books particularly a person who gathers his products from other books a compiler

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  • a maker of publications; somebody who edits or posts or binds books
  • a gambler whom accepts and pays off wagers (especially on horse races)
  • one that writes and posts publications; specifically, person who gathers their products from other books; a compiler.
  • A betting guy who "makes a novel." See to help make a novel, under Book, n.

BOOKMAKER meaning in Law Dictionary

a professional betting guy which takes bets from many people on different sporting events and directs money to your winners.

BOOKMAKER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition book-maker, 1510s, "printer and binder of publications," from book (letter.) + representative noun from make (v.). The wagering sense is from 1862. Associated: Book-making (late 15c., wagering good sense 1824).

BOOKMAKER meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that writes and publishes publications; specially, person who gathers their materials from other books; a compiler.