What does BOODLE mean?

BOODLE meaning in General Dictionary

the complete collection or good deal caboodle

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  • casual terms for cash
  • a gambling card game where chips are positioned from the ace and king and queen and jack of separate matches (extracted from another deck); a person plays the cheapest card of a suit in his hand and successively greater cards tend to be played through to the sequence stops; the gamer which plays a card matching one in the design wins most of the potato chips on that card
  • The whole collection or lot; caboodle.
  • cash given in payment for votes or governmental impact; bribe money; swag.

BOODLE meaning in Law Dictionary

term provided to hardly any money this is certainly gotten during an unlawful enterprise; money which paid as a bribe.

BOODLE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1833, "crowd;" 1858, "phony cash," specifically "graft money," real or prospective (1883), both American English slang, either-or both according to bundle, or from Dutch boedel "property."

BOODLE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The whole collection or great deal; caboodle.

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  • (letter.) Cash offered in repayment for ballots or political impact; bribe money; swag.

Sentence Examples with the word BOODLE

Since about 1895 this branch has been most actively pursued in England, where the work of Boodle and of Gwynne-Vaughan especially on Ferns) has been the most important, leading to a coherent theory of the evolution of the vascular system in these plants (Tansley, Evolution of the Filicinean Vascular System, Cambridge, 1908); and in America, where Jeffrey has published important papers on the morphology of the vascular tissues of the various groups of Pteridophytes and Phanerogams and has sought to express his conclusions in a general morphological theory with appropriate terminology.

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