What does BOND, N mean?

BOND, N meaning in Law Dictionary

contract by niche to pay for a particular sum of cash; becoming a deed or instrument under seal, by which the maker or obligor guarantees, and thereto binds himself, their heirs, executors, and administrators, to pay a designated sum of money to a different; usually with a clause towards the result that upon overall performance of a particular condition (regarding spend another and smaller sum) the obligation will be void. U. S. v. Rundle. 100 Fed. 403, 40 C. C. A. 450; Turck v. Mining Co.. 8 Colo. 113. 5 Pac. 838; Boyd v. Boyd. 2 Nott & McC. (S. C.) 126. The term “bond” shall accept every written task when it comes to payment of money or acknowledgment of being bound for money, conditioned to-be void in the overall performance of every responsibility, or the incident of something therein expressed, and subscribed and delivered by the party-making it, to simply take result as their obligation, whether it be sealed or unsealed; and, when a bond is required for legal reasons, an undertaking written down without seal will be enough. Rev. Code Miss. 1880,