What does BOKJOL mean?

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South African in origin.Derived through the South African language of Afrikaans.It integrates the 2 terms 'bok'(definition 'buck' or,more accurately,'Springbok',the nationwide rugby staff) and 'jol'(to possess a very good time,or to party hard)BOKJOL is not a typical celebration,and the term must not be made use of loosely.It should be spelt entirely with capitals.The term identifies a gathering where participants 'party their clothes off' and usually have the time of their lives.There are 3 important ingredients in creating a BOKJOL.The 1st is a copious quantity of alcohol.Cane works best,but any large amount of liquor will do.The 2nd is songs of every kind.The 3rd & most important may be the BOKJOL spirit.If the 'BOKJOL character' is not present,just add ingredient 1 and it'll shortly arise.Combine the 3 and you'll have a good foundation for a BOKJOL.The BOKJOL was originally enjoyed solely between the Afrikaans neighborhood,but as South Africa emerges from shadows of the apartheid past,so also does the BOKJOL.