What does BOGUS mean?

BOGUS meaning in General Dictionary

an alcohol made from rum and molasses

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  • Spurious fictitious sham a cant term initially put on counterfeit money and therefore denoting any such thing fake
  • fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
  • Spurious; fictitious; sham; -- a cant term initially applied to counterfeit money, and therefore denoting something fake.
  • an alcohol manufactured from rum and molasses.

BOGUS meaning in Law Dictionary

nything that is phony or fictitious.

BOGUS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1838, "fake money, spurious money," American English, obviously from a slang word applied (based on some resources first-in Ohio in 1827) to a counterfeiter's equipment. One bogus or machine impressing dies in the money, with numerous dies, engraving resources, bank bill paper, spurious coin, &c. &c. making in every a sizable truck load, ended up being taken into control because of the lawyer general of Lower Canada. [Niles' enroll, Sept. 7, 1833, quoting from Concord, brand new Hampshire, "Statesman," Aug. 24] Some trace this to tantrabobus, additionally tantrabogus, a late 18c. colloquial Vermont word for almost any odd-looking item, in later on 19c. use "the devil," that will be connected to tantarabobs, recorded as a Devonshire name the devil. Others trace it toward exact same supply as bogey (n.1).

BOGUS - German to English

fake [Norman Jewison]

BOGUS meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Spurious; fictitious; sham; -- a cant term initially applied to counterfeit money, thus denoting everything counterfeit.

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  • (letter.) A liquor made from rum and molasses.

Sentence Examples with the word BOGUS

A bogus conspiracy, however, got up by the Holstein faction, aided by France and Prussia, who persuaded Elizabeth that the Austrian ambassador was intriguing to replace Ivan VI.

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