What does BOFmobile mean?

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A BOFmobile is a large 4x4 automobile. It may be an assortment Rover or a Freelander; usually with immaculate black or tan leather interiors.Commonly spotted where there is no need at all for 4 wheel drive abilities, BOFmobiles tend to be driven by exceedingly dull guys. These guys are usually between 40 and 50, have receding (ordinarily greying blond) locks, hear Rachmaninov but a penchant for bacon sandwiches. They ordinarily work in the media.BOFmobiles are often dark in colour with blindingly shiny chrome decals. They usually are spotted with regards to fog lights blazing in the clearest of days.Glove box will consist of: £500 in cash for on-the spot fines, an A-Z of the motorist's home county, hangover mints, a garish link, high priced aftershave and a script of some sort.There will likely be a linen jacket hanging throughout the back seat and a couple of Chelsea Boots behind the passenger seat.Beware the BOFmobiles.