What does BOARDER mean?

BOARDER meaning in General Dictionary

one that has meals statedly at anothers dining table or meals and lodgings inside the household for pay or settlement of any sort

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  • a tenant in someone's household
  • somebody who forces their particular way aboard ship
  • a pupil who lives at school during term-time
  • a person who features meals statedly at another's dining table, or dishes and lodgings inside the household, for pay, or settlement of any sort.
  • One who boards a ship; one chosen to board an opponent's ship.

BOARDER meaning in Law Dictionary

one that, being the inhabitant of somewhere, makes an unique agreement with someone else for meals with or without lodging. Berkshire Woollen Co. v. Proctor, 7 Cush. (Mass.) 424. One that has meals and lodging in the home or with all the group of another for an agreed cost, and often under a contract designed to carry on for a large period of time. Ullmau v. State, 1 Tex. App. 220, 28 Am. liep. 405; Ambler v. Skinner, 7 Rob. (N. Y.) 501. The difference between a guest and a boarder is this: The guest comes and continues to be without any discount for time, that can subside when he pleases, spending just for the particular activity he gets; as well as the undeniable fact that he might have remained quite a while in inn, this way, does not make him a boarder, as opposed to a guest. Stewart v. McCready, 24 Exactly How. Prac. (N. Y.) 02.

BOARDER meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, "one having food and/or accommodation during the home of another," broker noun from board (v.), in "be given food" good sense; meaning "one which boards (an enemy's) ships" is from 1769, from a verbal sense derived from board (n.2).

BOARDER meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who features food statedly at another's dining table, or meals and lodgings inside the residence, for pay, or compensation of any kind.

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  • (n.) One who boards a ship; one selected to board an enemy's ship.

Sentence Examples with the word BOARDER

From 1797 to 1799 Arthur was a boarder with M.

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