What does BLU-RAY mean?

BLU-RAY meaning in Law Dictionary

storage space device that features high-quality video. Sony created this structure of DVD. A particular player is necessary.

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Blu-ray is an optical disk structure such as for instance CD and DVD. It was created for recording and playing right back high-definition (HD) video clip and for saving huge amounts of information. While a CD holds 700 MB of data and a fundamental DVD holds 4.7 GB of data, just one Blu-ray disk holds to 25 GB of data. Even a double sided, double level DVD (that are not typical) can only hold 17 GB of information. Dual-layer Blu-ray disks can shop 50 GB of data. Which equivalent to 4 hours of HDTV. Blu-ray discs can hold more details than many other optical news because of the blue lasers the drives use. The laser is truly blue-violet, but "Blu-ray" rolls off the tounge some easier than "Blu-violet-ray." The blue-violet laser has a shorter wavelength as compared to red lasers utilized for CDs and DVDs (405nm versus 650nm). This enables the laser to spotlight a smaller sized area, which makes it possible to cram much more information on a disc the exact same size as a CD or DVD. Supporters of Blu-ray format say they expect Blu-ray products to displace VCRs (thank goodness) and DVD recorders much more individuals result in the transition to HDTV. When it comes to latest Blu-ray development, consider Blu-ray.com.

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If you love me, you'll send me the blu-ray versions of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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