What does BLIZZARD mean?

BLIZZARD meaning in General Dictionary

A gale of piercingly cool wind typically accompanied with fine and blinding snowfall a furious blast

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  • a storm with widespread snowfall followed closely by powerful winds
  • a number of unexpected and unpleasant events
  • A gale of piercingly cool wind, often associated with fine and blinding snow; a furious blast.

BLIZZARD meaning in Computer Dictionary

created February 8, 1991 as Silicon & Synapse plus in 1994 changed its title to Blizzard. These days, Blizzard and Blizzard North the most known and respected computer video gaming designers. Blizzard features introduced these types of preferred games as Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft.

BLIZZARD meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"strong, sustained snowstorm," 1859, beginning obscure (maybe for some reason connected with blaze (n.1)); it arrived to basic use within the U.S. within good sense the tough winter months 1880-81. OED claims it most likely is "more or less onomatopœic," and adds "you'll find nothing to point a French origin." Before that it typically designed "violent blow," in addition "hail of gunfire" in US English from 1829, and blizz "violent rainstorm" is attested from 1770. Winter months violent storm feeling maybe is initially a colloquial figurative use within the top of Midwest regarding the U.S.

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BLIZZARD meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A gale of piercingly cold wind, usually accompanied with fine and blinding snowfall; a furious blast.

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Mawson, The Home of the Blizzard (two vols.

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