What does BJ Signal mean?

BJ Signal meaning in Urban Dictionary

An improvised sign or sign developed by the feminine to obtain a desired male to see this lady or speak with this lady. Sexual in general without having to be a guarantee of sex. BJ Signals share these characteristics or some combination of: Eye contact, utilization of the tongue, utilization of the finger(s), utilization of the lips. Eye contact being needed all of the time. Scholars frown upon using meals for a BJ Signal, considered bad type for confusion it can develop for several guys inside general area. However, if attention contact has already been set up and also the sign is glaringly apparent, i.e. deep-throating a corn dog, it is the best BJ Signal. The sign is familiar to porn actresses who may put it to use within their act to increase eroticism. Also familiar to women with studs inside their tongues who choose to show it off. Fortunate (or planning to get) could be the man who's the person of a BJ Signal. For all intents and purposes, she wants you, poorly.So cannot screw it up.