What does BIRTH mean?

BIRTH meaning in General Dictionary

See Berth

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  • The act or fact of entering life or to be produced usually put on human beings due to the fact delivery of a son
  • reason enough to be created
  • enough time when one thing starts (especially life)
  • the kinship relation of an offspring towards the moms and dads
  • an infant produced; an offspring
  • the entire process of giving birth
  • the function to be born
  • The work or fact of entering life, or to be born; -- generally speaking placed on human beings; as, the beginning of a son.
  • Lineage; extraction; descent; occasionally, high beginning; noble extraction.
  • the problem that one is produced; all-natural condition or place; hereditary personality or tendency.
  • The work of taking forth; as, she had two kiddies at a beginning.
  • what exists; that which is produced, whether animal or vegetable.
  • Origin; beginning; as, the birth of an empire.
  • See Berth.

BIRTH meaning in Law Dictionary

The work to be born or wholly introduced into individual existence. Wallace v. State, 10 Tex. App. 270.

BIRTH meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., from a Scandinavian supply like Old Norse *byr

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  • mid-13c., from birth (letter.). Related: Birthed; birthing.

BIRTH meaning in Sexual Dictionary

the introduction and split of offspring from the human anatomy of the mom. Baby delivering.

BIRTH meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act or fact of getting into life, or of being created; -- generally speaking applied to people; as, the delivery of a son.

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  • (letter.) Lineage; extraction; descent; often, large beginning; noble extraction.
  • (letter.) The illness that a person is born; normal state or position; hereditary disposition or inclination.
  • (n.) The act of bringing forth; as, she had two young ones at a birth.
  • (letter.) What is born; whatever is produced, whether animal or veggie.
  • (n.) Origin; start; as, the delivery of an empire.

Sentence Examples with the word BIRTH

When the agents of the spinners, that is, the buying brokers, by becoming principals in some transactions, had acquired interests diametrically opposed to those of their customers, the consequent feeling of distrust among spinners gave birth to the Cotton Buying Company, which, constituted originally of twenty to thrity limited cotton-spinning companies, represents to-day nearly 6,000,000 spindles distributed among nearly one hundred firms. Its object was to squeeze out some middlemen and economize for its members on brokerage.

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