What does BIOTA mean?

BIOTA meaning in General Dictionary

all plant and animal life of a particular area

BIOTA meaning in Urban Dictionary

brief for Blame It regarding the Alcohol. whenever you make a move when you are intoxicated and could not do it if you're sober.

BIOTA meaning in Law Dictionary

ny nonhuman life in the geographical location.

BIOTA meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1901, from Greek biota "life" (see bio-).

BIOTA meaning in Business Dictionary

Animal and plant life of a specific geographical region.

BIOTA - German to English

biota [flora and fauna of an area]

Sentence Examples with the word BIOTA

The wood is very durable and useful for outdoor work, such as fencing, posts, etc. Another species of arbor vitae is Thuja orientalis, known also as Biota orientalis.

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