What does BIOS mean?

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basic feedback / result system

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  • standard input-output system

BIOS meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

is short for "fundamental Input/Output System." Many people don't need to previously wreck havoc on the BIOS on a computer, nonetheless it can be helpful to know what its. The BIOS is a course pre-installed on Windows-based computer systems (instead of Macs) that the computer makes use of to begin up. The Central Processing Unit accesses the BIOS before the operating system is packed. The BIOS then checks all hardware connections and locates your entire devices. If everything is OK, the BIOS loads the operating system in to the computer's memory and finishes the boot-up process. Because the BIOS handles the hard disk drives, it can't live on a single, and because it is readily available prior to the computer system boots up, it cannot inhabit the RAM. So where can this unique, yet elusive BIOS be found? It is actually located in the ROM (Read-Only Memory) regarding the computer system. More especially, it resides in an eraseable automated read-only memory (EPROM) chip. So, once you turn your computer on, the CPU accesses the EPROM and gives control to the BIOS. The BIOS also is utilized following the computer features booted up. It will act as an intermediary between the CPU together with I/O (input/output) products. Due to the BIOS, your programs along with your operating system don't need to understand specific details (like equipment details) in regards to the I/O devices attached with your PC. Whenever device details modification, only the BIOS needs to be updated. You may make these changes by entering the BIOS as soon as your system starts up. To gain access to the BIOS, hold-down the key as soon as your pc begins to start up.