What does BIMBO mean?

BIMBO meaning in Law Dictionary

It signifies buy in management generally buy away. It takes place when outside and inside investors are involved in a merger or acquisition.

BIMBO meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1919, "fellow, chap," from variant of Italian bambino "baby;" first attested in Italian-accented movie theater dialogue. Initially specifically "stupid, inconsequential guy, contemptible individual;" by 1920 the feeling of "floozie" had developed (popularized by "Selection" staffer Jack Conway, d.1928). Resurrection during 1980s U.S. governmental intercourse scandals generated types including diminutive bimbette (1990) and male form himbo (1988).

BIMBO meaning in Business Dictionary

Buy in Management purchase Out. Typical way of participation in an acquisition or merger by which the current (inside) supervisors and external people join up.

BIMBO meaning in General Dictionary

a new girl indulged by rich and effective older men

BIMBO - German to English

Uncle Tom [esp. Am.] [pej.]

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  • Negro [pej.]

Sentence Examples with the word BIMBO

He was very much in the mood for a fun, air headed bimbo after all the drama today, but that would be near impossible.

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