What does BILL OF HEALTH mean?

BILL OF HEALTH meaning in Law Dictionary

n official certificate, given by the authorities of a port from where a vessel clears, toward master associated with ship, showing hawaii associated with port, as respects the public health, during the time of cruising, and exhibited into the authorities of the port that the vessel after that tends to make, in token that she will not bring disease. If the bill alleges that no contagious or infectious condition existed, it's known as a "clean" costs ; if it admits that one had been suspected or predicted, or that certain actually prevailed, it's known as a "touched" or a "foul" costs. 11. In revenue legislation and procedure, the term is fond of different papers recorded in or issuing from a custom house, principally associated with types described below.

BILL OF HEALTH meaning in General Dictionary

a certificate saying that a departing ship's organization is healthy (becoming presented at the after that port of arrival)