What does BIENNIAL mean?

BIENNIAL meaning in General Dictionary

something takes place or seems when in 2 years esp a biennial evaluation

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  • Happening or taking place once in two years as a biennial election
  • happening every 2nd year
  • having a life pattern enduring two periods
  • (botany) a plant having a life period that usually takes two months from germination to demise to perform; flowering biennials frequently bloom and fresh fruit in second season
  • Happening, or happening, once in 2 many years; since, a biennial election.
  • Continuing for two many years, and perishing, as plants which form origins and makes the very first year, and create fresh fruit the 2nd.
  • Something which occurs or appears once in two years; esp. a biennial assessment.
  • A plant which is out there or can last for couple of years.

BIENNIAL meaning in Law Dictionary

some thing occuring every 2 yrs. Refer to biennium.

BIENNIAL meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"lasting for just two many years" (1620s); "occurring every 2 yrs" (1750), from Latin biennium "two-year duration," from bi- (see bi-) + annus "year" (identify annual). The vowel modification is "due on Latin phonetic legislation based on that your unaccented and sealed radical syllable associated with the second part of substances, original -ă- becomes -ĕ-" [Klein]. The noun meaning "a biennial plant" is attested by 1770.

BIENNIAL meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Happening, or occurring, as soon as in 2 many years; because, a biennial election.

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  • (a.) Continuing for just two years, after which perishing, as flowers which form roots and actually leaves the very first 12 months, and create fresh fruit the second.
  • (n.) something occurs or appears when in two many years; esp. a biennial examination.
  • (letter.) A plant which is out there or lasts for 2 yrs.

Sentence Examples with the word BIENNIAL

The sessions of the legislature are biennial and are limited to sixty days.

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