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The Ebony form of Gym Tanning and Laundry (GTL) from Jersey Shore.B: BarbershopF: FragranceK: Kicks bum battle team the movie called bumfights Big Fucking KnifeA knife that's larger than typical and frequently provided in public on shock of other people. "Bitch Formerly Known as..."Term for bitchwhore beauty queens whom win state beauty pageants, typically regarding the rude and nasty variety.Dates "little rodents" and it is prohibited to put on any "unprofessional clothes," for she is "always on-stage" and supposed to be ready after all moments of her life (she may come across an individual who recognizes the woman even when she actually is in a different condition).Does in contrast to Taylor Swift, so clearly a significantly less than satisfactory individual. (joking, kind of)Possible defense up against the BFK:Face smash-age with cast iron skilletShanking by He-Man energy swordDefenestrationThrowing water in her own face (face will go to burn off) BFK aka Butterfly French Kissing a term typically familiar with determine an escort knowledge in which open mouthed kissing with tongues has happened.