What does BFIS 8th grader mean?

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you are a BFIS 8th grader if..:1. You complain about almost anything (including 4 concerns for research, seating plans, etc)2. You toss one thing one or more times a day3. If you are a lady, then you definitely spank guys4. If you should be a boy, you're in for meal detention with Mr. McKee with 5 other dudes at least one time a week5. There is no popluarity competition, but instead, a fashion competition for women just. (You've got many clothing, there is a constant put on the exact same clothes until 2 months later)6. You hate educators that aren't funny7. You are either friends with Spanish individuals (you must know proficient Spanish/Catalan), People in america (you have to have about lived in America once and you also understand lots of Life tales), or with all the Asians (right A's and all you explore is college and manga)8. You worship The Calculator and you wail if you're prohibited to make use of it9. You put on stuff that is RIGHT on the borderline regarding the Dress Code 10. You are not afraid to talk about Sex, pornography, menustration, Teenage maternity, etc opennly; also to or perhaps in front side associated with educators.11. You're reliable to keep a secret nevertheless tell your companion as you trust him/her. However your best friend tells another friend and...12. If you're a boy, you love making women' days worse13. If you're a girl, you enjoy dissing guys14. If you are a woman, you would imagine grades is really what keeps you alive15. You have got a loud voice16. You adore to know Childhood tales from teachers17. You always ask whenever you can tune in to your iPod18. You possess an iPod mini, a camera-color mobile, a laptop, and/or an electronic digital camera of your own