What does BFF Syndrome mean?

BFF Syndrome meaning in Urban Dictionary

The BFF problem could be in comparison to an extreme situation of bromance and/or Chris Brown syndrome. A female will show signs of this syndrome, whenever she seems the necessity to continuously present the woman buddy as the woman "BFF" to everyone; perhaps the old man during the place of Yonge and Dundas just who screams "JESUS!" Yes, i understand you know who this is certainly! The BFF syndrome has actually physical impacts in the hands. The affected female can start to text or dial the number of the woman friend profusely, several times during just about every day. A female who exhibits signs and symptoms of the BFF problem becomes aggressive, obssessive, and possessive whenever she is almost certainly not capable of getting a hold of her buddy. WARNING: cannot show the girl that you will be rejecting or dismissing her. She's going to break like a purity buckle on Kim Kardashian. Lastly, the last indication of the problem, occurs when there is absolutely no opinion between both functions that there's a legitimate relationship.