What does BFBC2 BFBC 2 mean?

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A highly underrated online game that has been developed by DICE. This video game is placed under constant anxiety in game reviews by MW2 fanboys whom cant develop moobs and acknowledge there is a far better online game than MW2. Overall though, the 2 games are very various. BFBC2 is a tactical shooter and MW2 is a run and gunner. The play for BFBC2 is far more realistic than MW2 as a result of cars to utilize, no n00b tubes( you will find Grenade Launchers nonetheless they arent user friendly for eliminates), no overpowered weapons and destruction 2.0. The only real advice i will give is put down MW2 and collect BFBC2. You wont be sorry BFBC 2 is a short term word for Battlefield Bad Company 2