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Insecure douche bags over an internet online game referred to as "MapleStory". They've been known to KS and disconnect hack players on ruin their particular experience on the web. They could also be called "annoying kids" or "Bitchass McFartSuck". BF is equivalent to Bigfoot and so they view over people and 'kill steal' the monster. 1) n. A well known guild inside MMORPG game called "MapleStory". "BFPolice" runs with one single purpose in mind--to ruin game for other players. In place of experiencing the game whilst was meant to be played, they spend all of these play time collected on maps which spawn increased leveled, sought-after supervisor called "Big Foot". When an unsuspecting player goes to try and destroy the supervisor, BFPolice does one of two things: gang up-and KS the gamer until he/she gives up or dies, or if the ball player is simply too powerful for several of these to undertake (that will be frequently), they normally use disconnect cheats to crash the players game. At this point, it's quite common to allow them to taunt their particular target with ridiculous in-game threats which operate like "stay away from my BF noob, or I'll have you secure you out** from the online game!". To do this completes the ultimate action of the ridiculous endeavor to cause them to feel great about on their own, because could be the best way because of this congregation of no-lifers to ever before get any type of recognition from real people (simply because they clearly fail miserably at it in actual life).** 'locking away' becoming once they disconnect hack a person over and over repeatedly whenever a player logs in. Naturally, there's no genuine option to record whenever a person logs in or perhaps not, so they really actually waste their particular lives manually tracking and disconnect hacking all players which oppose them. Definitely for people in BFpolice, it isn't a waste of the everyday lives, because they never had one out of the very first location.