What does BEYOND SEA mean?

BEYOND SEA meaning in Law Dictionary

Beyond the limits associated with the kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; outside the united states of america; from the state. Beyond ocean, beyond the four seas, beyond the seas, and from the world, tend to be synonymous. Before the union for the two crowns of The united kingdomt and Scotland, on accession of James I., the expressions "beyond the four seas," "beyond the seas," and "out of realm," signified out from the limitations regarding the realm of The united kingdomt. Pan- coast's Lessee v. Addison, 1 Har. & J. (Md.) 350, 2 Am. Dec. 520. In Pennsylvania, it was construed to indicate "without the limitations of usa," which approaches the literal signification. Ward v. Ilallam, 2 Dall. 217, 1 L. Ed. 355; Id., 1 Yeates (Pa.) 329; Green v. Neal, 6 Pet 291, 300, 8 L. Ed. 402. Similar building has been given to it in Missouri. Keeton's Heirs v. Keeton's Adm'r, 20 Mo. 530. See Ang. Lim.