What does BENEVOLENT mean?

BENEVOLENT meaning in General Dictionary

Having a disposition to do great possessing or manifesting love to humanity and a desire to promote their prosperity and pleasure disposed to provide to good objects sort charitable

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  • intending or showing kindness
  • showing or inspired by sympathy and comprehension and generosity
  • nice in offering help to other individuals
  • big in assist with the indegent
  • Having a disposition doing good; possessing or manifesting love to mankind, and a want to market their particular success and joy; disposed to offer to great objects; kind; charitable.

BENEVOLENT meaning in Law Dictionary

Philanthropic; humane; having a desire or purpose to complete good to guys; intended for the conferring of advantages, versus for gain or revenue. This word is more indefinite, as well as far larger range, than "non-profit" or "religious;" it would include all gift suggestions prompted by good-will or friendly experience towards the receiver, whether an object of charity or not. The all-natural and normal meaning of the phrase would so extend it. It offers no appropriate meaning split from the typical meaning. "Charitable" features obtained a settled limited indicating in law, which confines it within understood limits. However in all choices in England about the subject it's been held that a devise or bequest for benevolent objects, or perhaps in trust to give to such objects, is simply too indefinite, and therefore void. Norris v. Thomson, 19 N. J. Eq. 313; Thomson v. Norris, 20 N. J. Eq. 523; Suter v. Milliard, 132 Mass. 413, 42 Am. Rep. 444; Fox v. Gibbs, therefore Me. 87, 29 Atl. 940. This term, as put on objects or functions, may make reference to those which come in their nature altruistic, and may have a broader meaning you need to include items and functions maybe not non-profit when you look at the legal sense of that term. Acts of kindness, friendship, forethought, or goodwill might precisely be referred to as benevolent. It has therefore already been held that gift suggestions to trustees is applied for "benevolent purposes" at their particular discretion, or to such "benevolent reasons" while they could concur upon, try not to produce a public charity. But where term is used regarding the various other terms explanatory of their meaning, and showing the intention of this donor to limit it to reasons purely altruistic, it has been held to be synonymous with, or equivalent to, "charitable." Suter v. Hilliard, 132 Mass. 412, 42 Am. Rep. 444; De Camp v. Dobbins, 31 N. J. Eq. 095: Chamberlain v. Stearns. Ill Mass. 268; Goodale v. Mooney, 60 N. II. 535, 49 Am. Rep. 334.

BENEVOLENT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "wishing to do great, kindly," from center French benivolent and directly from Latin benevolentem (nominative benevolens) "wishing (someone) well, benevolent," linked to benevolentia "great sensation" (see benevolence). Related: Benevolently.

BENEVOLENT meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having a disposition to accomplish good; possessing or manifesting like to humanity, and a desire to market their success and delight; disposed to provide to great things; type; altruistic.

Sentence Examples with the word BENEVOLENT

It was assumed by deists in debating against the orthodox, that the flood of error in the hostile camp was due to the benevolent cunning or deliberate self-seeking of unscrupulous men, supported by the ignorant with the obstinacy of prejudice.

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