What does BENEVOLENCE mean?

BENEVOLENCE meaning in General Dictionary

The disposition to complete good good will charitableness passion for humanity accompanied with a desire to advertise their particular glee

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  • personality to do good
  • an interest to accomplish sort or altruistic functions
  • a work intending or showing kindness and great will
  • The personality to accomplish good; great might; charitableness; passion for humanity, accompanied with a need to market their happiness.
  • An act of kindness; great done; charity given.
  • A species of compulsory contribution or income tax, that has often already been illegally exacted by arbitrary kings of England, and falsely represented as a gratuity.

BENEVOLENCE meaning in Law Dictionary

The doing a kind or helpful action towards another, under no responsibility except an ethical one. Isn't any doubt distinguishable from words "liberality" and "charity;" for, although a lot of non-profit organizations are very correctly called "benevolent," it's impractical to say that every object, of a person's benevolence normally an object of their charity. James v. Allen, 3 Mer. 17; l'ell v. Mercer, 14 R. I. 443; Murdock v. Bridges, 91 myself. 124, 39 Atl. 475. In public areas law. Nominally a voluntary gratuity provided by subjects with their king, however in truth a tax or forced loan.

BENEVOLENCE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "disposition to do good," from Old French benivolence and directly from Latin benevolentia "great experience, good might, kindness," from bene "well" (see bene-) + volantem (nominative volens) current participle of velle "to wish" (see will (v.)). In English history, this was the name fond of required extra-legal financial loans or contributions towards the top, very first so named 1473 by Edward IV, which cynically "asked" it as a token of good might toward his guideline.

BENEVOLENCE meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The personality to do good; good will; charitableness; passion for humanity, associated with a desire to market their happiness.

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  • (letter.) An act of kindness; good done; charity offered.
  • (n.) A species of compulsory share or tax, which includes occasionally already been illegally exacted by arbitrary kings of England, and falsely represented as a gratuity.

Sentence Examples with the word BENEVOLENCE

He defines it as benevolence (good-will), or rather as a disposition to benevolence, towards being in general.

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