BENEFIT SOCIETIES meaning in Law Dictionary

Under this and lots of similar names, in a variety of states, corporations exist to get periodical repayments from users, and hold them as a fund becoming loaned or given to people needing pecuniary relief. Such are extremely advantageous communities of Maryland, investment organizations of Missouri, loan and investment organizations of Massachusetts. mechanics' organizations of Michigan, security societies of the latest Jersey. Friendly societies in the uk tend to be a still more substantial and important species belonging to this course. Comm. v. Equitable Ben. Ass'n. 137 Pa. 412, 18 Atl. 1112; Com. v. Aid Ass'n, 94 Pa. 489.

Sentence Examples with the word BENEFIT SOCIETIES

Mutual benefit societies have increased rapidly, both because their advantages have been appreciated, and because, until recently, the state had taken no steps directly to insure workmen against illness.

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