What does BEHALF mean?

BEHALF meaning in General Dictionary

Advantage favor stead benefit interest profit help defense vindication

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  • for somebody's benefit (usually indicated as `in account' instead of `on part' and in most cases with a possessive)
  • since the broker of or on a person's component (usually expressed as `on part of' as opposed to `in part of')
  • Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; revenue; assistance; defense; vindication.

BEHALF meaning in Law Dictionary

experience testifies on "behalf' of this party who calls him, notwithstanding his research demonstrates is unpleasant to this party's case. Richerson v. Stern- burg, 65 111. 274. See, more, 12 Q. B. 693; 18 Q. B. 512.

BEHALF meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, behalve (with dative suffix), from Old English (him) be healfe "by (their) side," and on (his) healfe "on (their) part," from healfe "side" (see one half).

BEHALF meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Advantage; benefit; stead; advantage; interest; profit; assistance; protection; vindication.

Sentence Examples with the word BEHALF

In 1841-1843 he was in Europe on behalf of the Tyler administration, and he is said to have been instrumental in causing the appointment of Lord Ashburton to negotiate in Washington concerning the boundary dispute between Maine and Canada.

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