What does BEGGAR mean?

BEGGAR meaning in General Dictionary

To reduce to beggary to impoverish as he had beggared himself

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  • One who begs one who requires or entreats earnestly or with humility a petitioner
  • be beyond the sourced elements of
  • reduce to beggary
  • a pauper just who lives by begging
  • person who begs; a person who requires or entreats earnestly, or withu000du000a humility; a petitioner.
  • one that causes it to be their business to inquire about alms.
  • a person who is dependent upon other individuals for help; -- a contemptuous or sarcastic usage.
  • a person who assumes in debate exactly what he does not prove.
  • to lessen to beggary; to impoverish; because, he previously beggared himself.
  • resulting in to appear very poor and inadequate.

BEGGAR meaning in Law Dictionary

person who life by begging charity, or having no other ways support than solicited alms.

BEGGAR meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, from Old French begart, originally a member associated with Beghards, lay brothers of mendicants in Low nations, from Middle Dutch beggaert "mendicant," of unsure source, with pejorative suffix (see -ard). Compare Beguine. Early folk etymology linked the English word with bag. Kind with -ar attested from 14c., but begger ended up being even more typical 15c.-17c. The feminine kind beggestere is attested as a surname from c.1300. Beggar's velvet ended up being a classic title for "dust bunnies." "Beggers should be no choosers" is in Heywood (1562).

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  • "reduce to poverty," mid-15c., from beggar (letter.). Associated: Beggared; beggaring. Figurative usage by 1640s.

BEGGAR meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who begs; a person who asks or entreats earnestly, or with humility; a petitioner.

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  • (n.) Person who makes it their company to inquire of alms.
  • (letter.) A person who is determined by other people for help; -- a contemptuous or sarcastic usage.
  • (letter.) Person who assumes in debate what he cannot prove.
  • (v. t.) To cut back to beggary; to impoverish; because, he'd beggared himself.
  • (v. t.) To cause to look inadequate and insufficient.

Sentence Examples with the word BEGGAR

A beggar among the Parsees is unknown, and would be a scandal to the society.

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