What does BEFORE mean?

BEFORE meaning in General Dictionary

in the fore-part ahead or perhaps in the way of this front opposed to within the back

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  • before preceding in space before regarding stay prior to the fire before the home
  • previous with time; previously
  • at or in leading
  • In front of; preceding in area; ahead of; as, to face ahead of the fire; prior to the household.
  • Preceding in time; earlier than; previously to; anterior towards the time whenever; -- often using the extra concept of purpose; in order that.
  • An advance of; further forward, in place or time.
  • Prior or preceding in dignity, purchase, position, right, or worth; versus.
  • In presence or picture of; one on one with; dealing with.
  • in cognizance or jurisdiction of.
  • Open for; free of accessibility; when you look at the energy of.
  • From the fore-part; in the front, or in the way of the front; -- opposed to inside back.
  • In advance.
  • with time past; previously; already.
  • earlier in the day; earlier than; until after that.

BEFORE meaning in Law Dictionary

before; preceding. Within the presence of; underneath the official purview of; as in a magistrate's jurat, "before me personally appeared," etc. When you look at the absence of any statutory supply regulating the calculation of time, the authorities are consistent that, where an act is required to be achieved a particular amount of days or days before a particular various other day where another work is to be done, your day upon which initial act is done is to be omitted through the calculation, in addition to whole range times or days must intervene ahead of the time fixed for doing the 2nd act. Ward v. Walters, 63 Wis. 44, 22 N. W. 844, and situations cited.

BEFORE meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English beforan "before, before, inside presence of, in former times," from Proto-Germanic *bi- "by" + *forana "from the leading," adverbial derivative of *fora (see fore (adv.)). Compare Old Frisian bifara, Old Saxon biforan, Old tall German bifora, German bevor. Contrasting pre and post in pictures is from Hogarth (1768). Ahead of the mast in old cruising ships denoting "typical sailor," is through the host to their berths, at the fore-mast.

BEFORE meaning in General Dictionary

(prep.) Facing; preceding in room; before; as, to face before the fire; prior to the house.

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  • (prep.) Preceding in time; prior to when; formerly to; anterior into time when; -- sometimes utilizing the extra idea of purpose; in order that.
  • (prep.) An advance of; farther forward, positioned or time.
  • (prep.) Prior or preceding in self-esteem, purchase, position, right, or really worth; in the place of.
  • (prep.) In presence or sight of; face to face with; facing.
  • (prep.) Underneath the cognizance or jurisdiction of.
  • (prep.) Open up for; without any access to; in the power of.
  • (adv.) On the fore-part; in front, or perhaps in the way of front side; -- in opposition to in the backside.
  • (adv.) Beforehand.
  • (adv.) Over time last; previously; already.
  • (adv.) Earlier; sooner than; until then.

Sentence Examples with the word BEFORE

In 1921, a dozen years before he would be sworn in as president, Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio.

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