What does BEDEL mean?

BEDEL meaning in General Dictionary

Same as Beadle

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  • Alt. of Bedell

BEDEL meaning in Law Dictionary

In English law. A crier or messenger of courtroom, whom summons guys to show up and answer therein. Cowell. An oflicer regarding the forest, much like a sheriff's unique bailiff. Cowell. A collector of rents for the king. Plowd. 199, 200. A well-known parish officer. See BEADLE.

BEDEL meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Bedell

Sentence Examples with the word BEDEL

After traversing the desert of Gobi from Sa-chou to Hami, the great northern route crossed over into the Dzungarian valley either by the Otun-koza depression or by the gap at Urumchi, or else it proceeded over the Muz-art pass on the east side of Khan-tengri or over the Bedel pass in the Kokshal-tau and so down into the valley of Kulja.

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