What does BCE and CE mean?

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a good example of political correctness operate amok. The concept would be to replace the terms BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini) aided by the secular terms BCE and CE (Before Common Era and Common Era). Common Era can also be referred to as Christian Era or Current Era.The change is wholly useless, except to placate the politically correct crowd. The numbering of years is kept similar, nevertheless terms are changed to avoid relationship with Christianity, and evidentily pretend like the numbering of years begun arbitrarily. The numbering arises from the projected birth of Jesus. In the interests of convenience and convenience, the whole planet has actually used the Christian calender, it doesn't matter what religion or non-religion all of us are, why pretend usually?In the event that politically correct crowd desires to make an entirely secular calender, then we would also have to get rid of the brands of the months (Roman Paganism), having 7 days per week (Judaism), and re-number many years by placing year 1 someplace diverse from it is currently (Christianity).