What does BCC mean?

BCC meaning in Medical Dictionary

basal-cell carcinoma.

BCC meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Short for Blind Carbon Copy, BCC sends copies of e-mail without showing any of the brands or emails inside email. Keep in mind that most programs never display the BCC field; however, anybody knowledgeable about their particular e-mail system can enable this area to see all email addresses and brands.

BCC meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Stands for "Blind Carbon Copy." Once you deliver an e-mail to only one person, you type the recipient's address within the "To:" industry. When you send a note to more than one person, there is the substitute for enter addresses within the "Cc:" and "Bcc:" industries. "Cc" signifies "Carbon Copy," while "Bcc" represents "Blind Carbon Copy." A carbon content, or "Cc'd" message is an email that's copied to a single or more recipients. Both main individual (whose address is within the "To:" area) therefore the Cc'd recipients can easily see all details the message had been sent to. Whenever a message is blind carbon copied, neither the main recipient nor the Bcc'd recipients can see the addresses inside "Bcc:" industry. Blind carbon copying is a useful solution to let others see an e-mail you sent without main individual once you understand. It is faster than sending the original message and forwarding the sent message to another recipients. It is also great netiquette to utilize Bcc when copying a note to many men and women. This stops the e-mail details from being grabbed by some one in the record who might use them for spamming reasons. However, when it is crucial that each person understands which your message ended up being provided for, usage carbon backup (Cc) rather.