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Brags, Beats, and VarianceA common format of poker conversation, in which an individual mentions something that went really (a brag), a thing that went poorly (a beat), the other that has been uncommon (some variance) aka: Balls, Balls, Vagina. A-game that involves one player performing whatever they are able to to disguise their groin location, and as a result people, often blindfolded, try to guess if their particular touching balls, or a vagina (hence: balls, balls, vagina). Usually played whenever everybody is intoxicated. Return very soon. Halfway between be right back and start to become back soon. Created because of the only bobby Bloodstream Belching Vagina or a person whos vagina is so loose that "belches" blood constantly or that individual always is having their particular period. This can also be used to insult individuals. This means any such thing and everything.BBV is life!