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a classic term from the Southwest that relates to a gun that is not worn daily. It's not going to possess scratches, wear scars, etc an everyday use gun might have. These firearms are not something which had been never utilized or "useless." Into the time the word came about these were functional weapons (often, heavily changed for better accuracy/reliability/etc) that may have some customized engraving, polishing, or customized grips. They didn't make numerous weapons purely for show - they made guns to use and people modified all of them for program. These people were generally worn in tooled fabric holsters instead of day-to-day wear holsters - that have been plain.when you look at the revolver times (before semi-auto pistols) a church firearm had been an ordinary firearm as explained above. Following the semi-auto pistols arrived on scene this term placed on mostly Colt 1911's. Current times this will probably affect any firearm that has custom work designed to enhance mainly appearance and, most of the time - functionality.However, this would not be mistaken for a (today's term) "bling weapon" - that could imply the firearm is much more for program than effectiveness. Or your individual isn't experienced in its usage because it is only used on unique occasions.inside Southwest BBQ's might be at a laid-back meet up, a unique event, marriage, or a different/very formal affair.Also generally a "Church weapon," a "Court Gun," or "the 4th of July gun" (in Wyoming) for obvious reasons. The type of great looking or impressive-looking firearm you may possibly showcase at a BBQ or on various other personal occasions, but is lower than of good use.