What does BBHMW mean?

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BBHMW is short for for Big-Boned, Hairy, Mexican lady. BBHMW's tend to be found at county fairs, one-dollar shops, Costcos, plus the city of la. Whenever spotted, they usually smoke out their upper body so as to attract members of the opposite (or same) intercourse. They wear copious levels of foundation and eye-liner, despite their particular dark complexions, and will effortlessly be called "Cake-Faced." They will have adapted with their hostile environment by developing huge, gelationous love-handles, for easy gripping during sexual intercourse. BBHMW's will many always be on bottom. Couple of have attempted it others way around, but they frequently end up flirting with demise. They usually travel in groups, comprising females of equal, if you don't better, mass. Once you approach them, be incredibly cautious, as just about anything can arouse their attention sexually. Their strongest type of protection is the pungent fragrance coming from their particular reduced areas and their ability to smother white men through flirtatious advances. Be skeptical of lone BBHMW as she is certain to be seeking a partner(s) the evening. Be really cautious around BBHMW's.