What does BBDD bbdd mean?

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Alliterative acronym for "Big Black Dravidian Dick", and sometimes for "Big Black Dravidian Dildo". The term is a clear mention of the the popular cock measurements of the Dravidoid male, which has been celebrated by Aryan females and feared by Aryan men right from the days of Ravana and Manu. Ergo, the BBDD is the main reason when it comes to caste methods of South Asia, and is the foremost tourist destination for women in Goa, Hyderabad, Malabar and Madras. Physiologically, both its large volume and deep african american complexion are evolutionary adaptations towards dependence on rapid temperature dissipation inside hot and humid Dravidian weather. In jokes, the BBCD is generally combined with logically not related yet comparable South Asia-centric acronyms ABCD and BBCD. Short for 'baby daddy'