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an abbreviation of British delivered Confused Desis.This is an accusatory and derogatory term geared towards British born second- and third-generation Asians, who're open-minded by what comprises their particular identity and do not seek to align their values and passions with what are perceived become typically Desi, e.g. listening to Bhangra music, watching Bollywood flicks, waxing lyrical about Cricket matches.Ironically, it is not the alleged BBCDs, who're confused, this is the people levelling the accusation, who believe it is confusing that individuals can't simply follow one 'culture', but have the gall in order to make their very own alternatives about how to live their life. Brit Born Confused Desis........... puzzled about their identification as British nevertheless look down at them as pakis and indians/pakistani frequently refer all of them as NRI/OPs respectively