What does BBBW bbbw mean?

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BBBW (acronym for "Big striking Black lady") is a vaguely-defined, fairly extensive subculture generally speaking understood to be an appealing, self-confident "woman of size and color".A BBBW will come in many size and shapes, each one being as stunning as the second, with every individual BBW being as interesting, so when specific while the various other. A BBBW is addressed with value, just as some other girl. Despite size, a BBBW still has brains and emotions becoming respected and respected. A bbbw is a big black gorgeous girl. This is certainly a more descriptive form of a bbw. Since black guys are very likely to enjoy the booty, ladies who are seeking a brother in personal ads will explain by themselves as bbw's. But the bbbw is possesive of her black colored guys, and will not want them skeezin with white girls. Therefore she'll proudly assert that she actually is not only a bbw, but a bbbw!