What does BATTURE mean?

BATTURE meaning in General Dictionary

An elevated river sleep or sea sleep

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  • An elevated lake bed or water bed.

BATTURE meaning in Law Dictionary

In Louisiana. A marine term accustomed denote a bottom of sand, stone, or rock blended together and increasing towards the area regarding the water; an elevation of the bed of a river beneath the area of water, as it is increasing towards it; sometimes, but used to denote similar height associated with the bank when it has increased over the area for the liquid, or is up to the land externally associated with bank. Inside second good sense it is similar to "alluvion." This means, in common-law language, land formed by accretion. Morgan v. Livingston, 6 Mart. (O. S.) (Los Angeles.) Ill; Hollingsworth v. Chaffe, 33 Los Angeles. Ann. 551; brand new Orleans v. Morris, 3 Woods 117, Fed. Cas. No. 10,183; Leonard v. Baton Rouge, 39 Los Angeles. Ann. 275, 4 South. 243.

BATTURE - German to English

batture [Am.] [esp. over the lower Mississippi River]

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  • batture [Am.]

BATTURE meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A heightened river bed or sea sleep.

Sentence Examples with the word BATTURE

In 1807, after conducting a successful suit on behalf of a client's title to a part of the batture or alluvial land near New Orleans, Livingston attempted to improve part of this land (which he had received as his fee) in the Batture, Ste Marie.

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