What does BASKET mean?

BASKET meaning in General Dictionary

to place into a basket

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  • A vessel made from osiers or any other twigs cane rushes splints or any other flexible material interwoven
  • the quantity contained in a basket
  • horizontal circular steel hoop supporting a net by which players attempt to put the baseball
  • a container that's usually woven and it has handles
  • a rating in basketball produced by tossing the basketball through hoop
  • A vessel made from osiers or any other twigs, cane, rushes, splints, or other flexible material, interwoven.
  • The items of a basket; as much as a basket contains; because,u000du000a a container of peaches.
  • The bell or vase associated with Corinthian capital.
  • The two straight back chairs facing the other person on the outside of a stagecoach.
  • To put into a basket.

BASKET meaning in Law Dictionary

small PROFILE of ASSETS that can be bought or offered or utilized as a reference in a DERIVATIVE contract. Baskets may be created regarding securities or contracts from comparable or different sectors/countries, with respect to the certain HEDGING or trading objectives being wanted. See in addition OPTION, SWAP.

BASKET meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., from Anglo-French bascat, origin obscure despite much speculation. On a single principle from Latin bascauda "kettle, table-vessel," stated by the Roman poet Martial is from Celtic British as well as perhaps cognate with Latin fascis "bundle, faggot," whereby it most likely originally meant "wicker basket." But OED frowns about this, and there's no evidence of these types of a word in Celtic unless later terms in Irish and Welsh, counted as borrowings from English, are initial.

BASKET meaning in Sports Dictionary

The tangerine hoop by which the ball must aim for a new player to rating. A net underneath slows the ball, to verify that ball features indeed passed through the hoop. The internet consists of white cord hanging from small material bands. A basket is also title directed at the rating awarded for putting the ball through hoop, really worth two points of all shots. (recreation: baseball)

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  • A long cylindrical post manufactured from metal or wood with a net attached with it at the top. People throw the basketball toward the container so as to get a target. The articles tend to be fitted in to the surface or a base. The basket steps 15.7in wide and 10in deep. The goalposts measure 12ft high. (sport: Korfball)
  • A plastic disc that sits over the tip of skiing pole to be able to stop the pole from sinking too far to the snowfall. Additionally describes a basic cage lift without seats. (sport: Skiing)

BASKET - French to English


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  • sneaker [Am.]
  • trainer [Br.]

BASKET meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A vessel manufactured from osiers or any other twigs, cane, rushes, splints, or any other versatile material, interwoven.

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  • (letter.) The contents of a basket; around a basket contains; as, a basket of peaches.
  • (letter.) The bell or vase associated with Corinthian capital.
  • (n.) The two right back seating dealing with one another on the outside of a stagecoach.
  • (v. t.) To place into a basket.

Sentence Examples with the word BASKET

Crumpled in the waste paper basket was a small piece of white paper with a telephone number.

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